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Although no official announcement has been made, has  spilled the beans on the Actors that will voice the next Call of Duty this  November. IMDB is also known for confirming that the Zombie mode would return in  Treyarch's Black Ops when they leaked the actors that would voice the zombies  before the announcement was made that Zombies would return.. Tobey Mcquire??..  One person missing from the list was Craig Fairbrass who  voiced "Ghost" in Modern Warfare 3. Craig already confirmed he would be  returning in Modern Warfare 3 to voice an "unknown"  character..

New Cast:
voiced by Christopher  Meloni (Detective in Law & Order)
Grinch voiced by Tobey Mcquire (aka  Spider-Man)
Derek "Frost" Westbrook voiced by Corey  Stoll (Detecive in Law & Order)
Brian  "Lynx" Ross voiced by Jonathan Chase  ( New Actor, extra in several movies. L.A. Noire)
Eddie Decker  voiced by Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter)
Marcus Burns voiced by Christian Coulson (British Actor who stared in Gossip Girl & Harry Potter)
Vladimir Makarov Voiced by Roman Varshavsky (Komar from 24)
Grunt voiced by Troy  Baker (Several Animated cartoons)

Returning cast :
Ghost (flashback scene?) or New SAS  Operative
 voiced by Craig Fairbrass  (Devon from "The Unit")
Soap voiced by Kevin  McKidd (Dr. Hunt from Grey's Anatomy)
Captain  Price voiced by Billy Murray (British Television Actor)