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IGN rewind theater

-NEW CONFIRMED GUNS: G36(1), Colt CM901(2),  Magpul FMG(3), M16A4, ACR 6.8(5), USAS 12, M60E4
-New unknown SCOPE seen on the AK47 (pic6)
-Red Dot similar to MW2.

-The weapon armory was revealed with  these  weapons - "Refill Bullet Ammo, Model 1887, USAS 12, M16A4, AK-47, ACR  6.8,  M60E4, and some Classified"
-Equipment Armory was shown with- "Frag  Grenade Refill, Flashbangs Refill, Claymore (5x), C4 (5x), Auto Turret, Auto  Grenade launcher, Last Stand and some Classified."
-Air Support Armory was  shown with- "PREDATOR MISSLE, Delta Squad, and RIOT SHIELD SQUAD"
-SHARE option, enables you to transfer in game $$$ currency to teammate.

-Sentry Gun is shown
-Delta  Squad come down off of a helicopter rope
-Enemy USES Attack Dogs with explosives.
-Predater missle shown.
-"Purple colored" smoke has the AC-130 shoot down on that location.

-"Teams, Ground teams cannot get to the LZ, its just the two of you from here on out"
-Weapons armory is online. Ammo and weapon upgrades now availible."
-"Equipment armory online, you have access to explosives and armor upgrades"
-"Air support armory now online. Close air support is availible for tasking"
-"Enemy attack dogs near your position, be advised they are carrying explosives"
-"Team, chemical agents have been detected in your area"
-"Be advised, heavily armored ground forces have been deployed by the enemy"

-Rampage and Killstreak meter in the  bottom left.
-You can have a frag, flash bang AND a Claymore
-First Map  starts of with a double decker bus in the middle, possibly London.
-As he  gets his first few kills it shows +150 then a double kill +300.
-Teammate Down Countdown timer is there (it give you 0:59 seconds)
-In the bottom left it shows you how much money you have you are gaining.
-The "ICONS" that  show which direction grenades are and etc.. are now a pinkish color and MUCH  BIGGER.
-Icons pointing to Pistols and one point at a kill  streaks
-several kills earned: "KILL STREAK! +500"
-PERKS  shown: "Extreme Conditioning, SitRep, and Steady Aim"
-You can move the  turrets you have placed.
-Juggernauts look just like the MW2 ones.
-Riot  Shield RETURNING
-SEVERAL & SEVERAL  explosions.
-MULTIPLAYER teaser at the end, reveals Juggernauts are a "14  point streak"

Androyed's trailer breakdown

Forum member "Androyed" from the ModernWarfare3Forum was kind enough to allow us to repost his terrific breakdown of the Spec-Ops Trailer. Enjoy
In the middle there is a text explaining what Survival is.

“In Survival, you will fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies as you earn  XP and unlock several types of armories to expand your arsenal and load-out customizations along the way.

Unlock new upgrades and missions as you  gain XP and increase in level throughout the Survival experience. Survival  challenges along with leaderboards allow you to compete against your friends and  prove once and for all, who is the best soldier.”

Notice that  everything will reset when the match is finished. You only rank up within each  match. In the background there are a lot of features that I will explain later.

This takes place in a map in London. Survival can be played in all MP maps, so  that means that there will be a MP map in London. The weapon that the player is holding is the M16A4.

In this picture I’m going to explain  most of the basic stuff that will keep reoccuring, so that I don’t have to  explain it again.

1. Armories
As you may know there are three  different types of armories in Survival mode.
- The weapon armory (gun  icon), where you can buy weapons, ammo and upgrades for your weapons.
- The  equipment armory (grenade icon), where you can buy equipment, grenades, turrets  and more.
- The air support armory (fighter jet icon), where you can buy  predator missiles, AI reinforcements and more.

I will go into detail  about the different armories later.

2. Money and XP
In Survival  mode you’ll earn money with which you can buy stuff in the armories. The player  in the video just got a double kill. Each kill is worth +150 XP at that moment.  In the beginning of the match kills are worth +100. This could mean two  things:
- The amount of XP you get for a kill increases in later waves
- The amount of XP you get for a kill depends on the type of enemy. This makes  more sense, because later in the video the player also gets +125 for
some  kills

Before he made the double kill, he had $392. After the double kill  he has $542. That means he got $50 for the double kill. There is one strange  thing. Right before the transition to the next part of the video you can see  that the amount of money goes back to $392 again. When I looked closer at other  parts of the video, I discovered this:
- Sometimes when he gets XP, the  amount of money in the bottom left corner will increase without animation, only  to be decreased again after a second
- Other times when he gets XP, a +$ icon  appears at the right of the money count. The amount of money then increases with  animation (and turns green). After that, the amount of money won’t decrease  again
- For example, at 00:12 the amount of money increases with animation.  After that, the amount of money increases even further (because of the challenge  he just completed), but without animation so it drops back to the amount of  money before he completed the challenge.
- At 00:32, the amount of money  increases without animation (he did get +200 XP), and drops back a second after  that. However, he leveled up after that, and that time the amount of money did  increase with animation.

What I think it means is that you will get the  money for the XP you made at the end of each wave, not while you are playing.  But this doesn’t explain why sometimes the amount of money increases even though  the wave isn’t over yet. What we know for sure is that your XP will be converted  to money at the end of each round.

3. Challenges
Survival mode  also includes something new: challenges. There are different types of  challenges:
- Flash kill: kill a certain number of enemies while they are  flashed
- Assists: get a certain number of assists
- Headshots: get a  certain number of headshots
- Kill streak: get a certain number of kills  without getting hit
- Rampage: get kills as quickly as possible. When you  stop making kills, the bar will slowly drain
- Quad kill: get four kills at  the same time
- Knife streak: get a certain number of kills with your  knife

If you complete a challenge, you’ll get $500 as a reward. The bar  will reset itself and turn gold. Then the difficulty of the challenge will  increase and you’ll get $1000 as a reward. After that you’ll get $1500 as a  reward, then $2000, etc.

There can only be two challenges active at the  same time. Every round there will be two new challenges active.

4. HUD  and radar
There is not much that’s new compared to MW2, except for the  fact that you now have a compass in your radar. As you can see, the player is  pointing at the north-east at the moment.

On the radar are some  interesting things to see though. First of all you can see a yellow arrow. That  is the player. There are also two (maybe more) green arrows. Since there doesn’t  seem to be a second player in this particular match, those must be AI  reinforcements. The green arrow next to the yellow arrow could be the second  player though.

There is also a helicopter icon visible, that looks a lot  like the care package helicopter from MW2. It also behaves like a care package  helicopter: it flies away to the left like one, after it hovered above the  ground for a while. The video is too short to see if it drops a care package  though. The helicopter could also just have dropped the AI reinforcements, but  there are only one or two AI reinforcements visible on the radar, so that seems  unlikely.

It’s not really visible, but behind the yellow and the green  icon next to it, is the icon of an auto turret (sentry gun). And as you can see,  a laser points towards the enemy that just came out of the building. The turret  makes a lot of kills, but the player doesn’t get XP. This could mean that the  turret belongs to the second player (that would be the green arrow next to the  yellow arrow). There is a possibility that the turret was just dropped by the helicopter I was talking about before. This seems highly unlikely, because the  second player couldn’t have openend the care package and deployed the turret  before the helicopter was gone.

As you can see the player ran out of  grenades and flashbangs. He has 180 bullets left, and there are 30 bullets in  each magazine. You can also see that the player is in wave 15 at the moment.

I think this still takes place in the London map, only the player is now inside the train/metro station. The weapon that the player is holding is the M16A4.

1. Kill streak challenge
Here you can see how it  looks when you complete a challenge. The bar turns gold and the reward increases  to $1000. Also a text in red MW style letters shows up saying that you completed  the challenge. Together with the green +XP text I think this is an interesting  new color scheme.

2. CoD4 red dot sight
The CoD4 red dot sights  are back. If you don't like them, don't worry. The MW2 red dot sights will also  return.

3. Auto turret
As you can see you will be able to pick  up a turret you've placed. It's not clear if you can also pick up your  teammate's turret. On the right side you can see the laser coming from the  turret.

Everything still looks familiar. The text saying you can jump  over something with [A] still looks the same.

4. Ammo and  equipment
The player has two flashbangs and two grenades left at the moment. My guess is that you can have up to 4 grenades and 4 flashbangs, SP  style and not MP style.

5. Enemies left in wave
This text tells  you if you are close to the end of the wave. If you are, it will tell you how  many enemies are still alive.

This still looks like the same London map to me. The weapon that the player is holding is the Colt CM901. Also notice the awesome reload animation.

1. Auto turret
Here you can see  how the auto turret actually looks. It's not really different from the sentry  gun from MW2. On the radar you can also see what the auto turret radar icon  looks like.

When the player turns around a second after the picture, you  can see a box with a laptop on it. That is the equipment armory where he bought  the auto turret from.

2. Blood on screen
They've defenitely  improved the blood on the screen. The indicator is still the same, but the blood  spatter looks much better. Also, the player's vision is blurred when he gets  shot.

This still looks like the same London map to me, but there could also be  multiple London maps. Who knows. The weapon that the player is holding is the 

1. The AH-6 Little Bird
Who doesn't know about this  helicopter? It's awesome, and it looks like it is going to play a big part in  MW3, at least in Survival mode. It also occured in MW2 in one of the last  missions where you have to escape in a boat with Captain Price. Is there a  possibility that this sweet helicopter is going to be a point streak  (killstreak) in MP?

The helicopters shoot at you, of course, but what I  think is the sickest thing about this helicopter, is the flashlight. The second  after this picture the player is totally blinded! I imagine a feature like this  in MP.

At the radar you can see the radar icon of the Little Bird, and  you can also see that there are actually two Little Birds in the air right now.  So wave 6 ends with two helicopters, at least on this map.

2. Purple  smoke marker
This is something that we see a lot during the trailer.  You'll get a better look at it later on, but let me explain what it is first.  You can throw a purple smoke grenade. This is used as a marker for an AC-130  (and maybe other types of air support). So after you've throwed a marker, an  AC-130 will raise hell upon whatever poor chap was standing there. In this case,  it destroys the AH-6 Little Bird.

Like I said, the AC-130 will occur a  lot in the trailer, but the player never actually gets to sit in one, not even  in the MP teaser (will get back at you about that). I think that they thought  the AC-130 was a little too overpowered, so what you can do now is call one, but not control one. Fourzerotwo already confirmed on his twitter that the killstreaks (or point streaks) are going to play a supportive role in MW3. I think throwing a marker at a flag in domination to clear the area with an AC-130  is very supportive :P.

3. Hurt warning sign
The good old  warning sign is back. Looks like the player is having a though time with two  Little Birds and a friendly AC-130 shooting in his area.

Different map this time. Looks a little bit like the leaked map Carbon. The weapon that the player is holding is the M4-IW5.

1. Hellfire/Predator/Valkyrie missile
I  don't know what kind of missile that is, but it causes one helluva explosion.  What is clear though is that this missile came from the enemy. However, there  are no enemies visible on the radar.

Also a fun fact: dead bodies are  flying all over the air. I don't know if that happened in MW2, but it looks  cool.

2. Teammate
As you may know Spec Ops is only playable  with 2 people. I'm not going to discuss whether that's a good thing or not, but  one thing that I don't like is that your teammate shows up with green arrow on  the radar, because that way you can't tell who's your teammate and who are AI reinforcements. The name of your teammate does appear above his head though, so that's at least something.

3. Magic in MW3
Looks like there is also going to be magic in MW3. Besides the overpowered ACR 6.8 (will tell more about this), you can also buy a magic stick, to turn your enemies into rabbits.

I'm kidding. The HUD (ammunition and grenades) did disappear however. No idea why, probably a bug.

4. Explosive barrels
See those yellow/black barrels at the right side? The explosive barrels have new textures! No more red barrels! Lol. I think it looks cooler now. If you watch a little further you'll see them explode because of the missile.

I'm not sure if this is the same map as from the picture 5. At the top you can see the letters R - I - N - O. Now link these letters to one of the 20 leaked maps. The weapon that the  player is holding is the MP5.

1. Auto  turret
At the left side we see a broken auto turret. They probably stop  working after a while, or when the enemy destroys them of course. At the right  side we can see that you can deploy an auto turret by clicking on the left d-pad  button. You can only have one turret active at the time, so that probably means  that the turret on the ground is from his teammate. But maybe he had two  turrets, and he waited for the one on the ground to be destroyed so that he  could deploy his second turret. That would mean that you can buy multiple  turrets at once.

2. Smoke/gas
In the middle of the screen (and  at the far right) you can see smoke or gas that looks very toxic. Chemical  soldiers are confirmed in Survival, so this gas probably came from  them.

3. The AH-6 Little Bird
That's right, in wave 15 there will be  more of them! Looking forward to it!

Again, probably still the same map from Picture 5. The weapon that the player is holding is the AK-47.

1. AI reinforcements
I talked about this before, but you can buy AI reinforcements from the air support armory. As you can see on the radar, there are multiple green arrows. Those are the AI reinforcements. At the left of the player you can see a guy holding a riot shield. He's from the riot shield squad. The other guys without riot shields are  from the Delta squad. Delta squad will also play a role in SP, with Sandman and  Frost.

You get points for the kills your squad makes. When they die, they  are dead. No reviving. The riot shield squad will protect you when you are trying to revive your teammate though.

I don't know what the left guy on  the radar is pointing at, but it's probably important.

2.  Assists
Like in MW2 and Black Ops, you get points for assists. However, in MW3 you get +20 no matter how much you damaged the enemy, just like in MW2. In my opinion they improved that system in Black Ops: you get +XP depending on how much damage you did. I hope they will change that before launch.

3. Chemical agents
I like this one. A bunch of guys spraying some sort of nova gas all over the place. You can see the green gas (which we've seen before) inside the building. Later on you'll get a closer look  at the chemical agents.

Map: Dome. We've seen this before. This is how you start a Survival match, at least in Dome. The camera quickly zooms in from the sky and goes into first-person mode.

You start with the following:
- Weapon: FN Five-seven (mag count: 15 - 90 extra bullets)
- 2 Flashbangs
- 2 Frag grenades
- 100 Armor
- $0
- No hope

You can't buy things from the armories yet, but after the first round the weapon armory will open. In the first wave you'll have to fight 10 pretty dumb enemies with Model 1887's. 

1. Survive...
That's basically what Survival is all about.

2. Armor
This is something new. You start the match with  100 armor value. It will drop when you are getting shot, but blood won't show up  on the screen while you still have armor. When it reaches zero, the icon will  turn red. The text around the icon will disappear when you aren't getting shot.  You can buy new armor later on.

According to people who've played  Survival, you really need that armor. When you loose it in round 5-6 (maybe  sooner if you're not careful), you'll die very quickly.

3. A  syringe
I don't know how this exactly work. With it you can revive your teammate, so apparently you can't keep reviving. Either you can only revive someone a certain amount of times in one wave, or you'll have to wait for a while before you can revive someone again.

Map: Dome. The weapon that the player is holding is the Model 1887, that he picked up from the enemies from wave 1. It's probably not as overpowered as in MW2.

1. Level up
In a Survival match you rank up. The higher  rank you are, the more stuff you can buy. I don't know where you can see your progress, and if you even have time to see your progress, but it looks like you level up kind of like you level up in MW2 MP. What you got to remember though is  that your level will reset at the end of the match. So each Survival match you  play, you start at level 1 again.

2. Perks
With his promotion,  he also got new perks. Or at least he can buy them in the air support armory.  Notice that the perks are all MW2 style, except for the extreme conditioning  perk. While the shape is the same as in MW2, the running guy (and the name of  the perk) is the same as in CoD 4.

I've noticed this with a lot more  things. For example, when you have a purple smoke marker in your inventory (at  the bottom right, picture 8), it looks exactly like the smoke grenade from MW2.  And the whole HUD looks the same. If you take a look at the MP teaser at the  end, you'll see that the HUD has changed. So I think that the layout in the MP  teaser is the new (experimental; it didn't look polished yet) layout, and they  are just using the old layout for Survival, at least for now. I can't imagine  why they would re-use the perk names, or even the perk icons.

All those  perk icons are green, and you can all buy them in the air support armory. What  running, steady aim and the ability to see explosives have to do with air  support, I don't know. And I also don't know if the fact that they are all in  green means that you can have three tiers (like in MP), and this is tier 1, 2 or  3. And if that would be true, would that mean that those 3 perks will also be in  the same tier in MP? Speculations, speculations. What I do know is that you can  buy another 'perk' in the equipment armory, and that is Last Stand. This perk  isn't featured in MP, don't worry.

3. Rampage challenge
On the  radar there are a lot of red dots, but this guy is doing a pretty good job. He  almost got the rampage challenge.

4. Weapon armory
After  completing wave 1, the weapon armory will unlock. It's probably best to pick up  weapons and use those first before spending your hard-earned money.

5.  Broken glass
Glass breaks in the same way as in MW2. Don't know why they would change that, just wanted to point it out.

Map: Dome. The player uses his knife in this picture. As you can see the  animation is the same as in previous CoDs, but according to Robert Bowling the knife isn't going to play a big role anymore in MP. This might be different in SP and Spec Ops though.

1. End of wave
At the near end of a wave you can see below the radar how many enemies there are left to kill, and how long you've been playing in that wave. This picture tells us that wave 3 took them about 30-40 seconds to complete.

2. Armor low
I explained to you that when you get low armor, the armor icon will turn red. Just  wanted to show off how that looks.

3. Teammate's location
Do  you want to get to your teammate, but you don't know where he is? Of course he  is visible on your radar as a green arrow, but there is also a green indicator  on the screen that leads you to your teammate. Could be helpful.

Map: Dome. The weapon that the player is holding is the MP5.

1. Auto grenade launcher
It looks like this turret will be a lot harder to destroy. And maybe you can also take cover behind it. Both the turrets (the normal turret and the grenade turret) are called 'turret' if you want to move them. As you can see this turret also has a laser pointer, which stays on target pretty good. The turret actually hit someone (a dead guy?)  mid-air. We can also see the laser on the smoke as a red dot a few frames ahead.  That's pretty cool.

The player got +150 for the kill the turret made.

2. MW2 red dot sight
We've seen before that the CoD4 red dot sight is back, but the MW2 red dot sight is also back.

3. Digital watch
Don't know if this thing really gives you the time, but it looks pretty cool.