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We're proud to announce 2.0 will be launching soon & before Call of Dut XP 2011 . ETA is Monday or Tueaday.

-Live updates.
-New commenting system.
-Integrated forums with
-And more bling!

The 1.15gb download is ready for those who purchased the Hardened or Prestige Editions of Black Ops. If you already have the World at War maps, you are entitled to Moon free of charge. To get it, simply select Xbox LIVE using the LIVE profile originally used to redeem the maps. Just look for the Rezurrection AD and click on it, then click on re-download (it will ask if you want to redownload again).

In addition, Hardened or Prestige owners also get the goodies offered to the rest of us, including the Moon Xbox LIVE theme, and soundtrack. Players that haven't purchased the Hardened or Prestige Editions, can get Rezurrection's five maps for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 USD).

Digital Warfare 24/7
 have re-launched their site over the weekend and we highly encourage you to check it out. Started by one hardcore Call of Duty fan in Netherlands (@Neejoh) before MW2 (as Modern Warfare 24/7), the site quickly became one of the top Modern Warfare sites on the web. It has now expanded to include Black Ops, BF: BC2 and now Battlefield 3 among other games. With this new face lift, the site is now 10x easier to read (and iPhone friendly) and has 10x the content.

Digital Warfare 24/7 inspired us to create, their passion for Call of Duty paved the way for our ideas and growth. Their forums are among the best for Call of Duty and worth checking out.

Also, dont forget to follow their crew on twitter as a large number of them will be attending CoD XP 2011. We cant wait to meet you guys in person:
-@DW247 crew : @Neejoh   @boyle111   @theZeffirelli   @the7nd

Single player - "Mind the Gap"

-SOURCE: via Twitter @vSimCO

Spec-Ops Gamescom

-SOURCE: via twitter: @FlannaganTW

Two Days after Activision issued a truce and hoped for Battlefield 3 to also succeed, EA said, “Welcome to the big leagues Eric. I know you’re new in the job but someone should have told you this is an competitive industry. You’ve got every reason to be nervous. Last year Activision had a 90 share in the shooter category. This year, Battlefield 3 is going to take you down to 60 or 70. At that rate, you’ll be out of the category in 2-3 years. If you don’t believe me, go to the store and try to buy a copy of Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk.”  EA spokesperson Jeff Brown said in a comment issued to Kotaku but was adressed to Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision. This is the same man who said in Germany this week that EA's expressed hopes that his company's Call of Duty will "rot from the core".

Activision has had little reason to worry lately. Its Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games have been smashing sales records for several consecutive years, easily topping 10 million copies sold, ruling online play for months after their release. This is evidence that nothing can stop the juggernaut Call of Duty. Goodluck EA, you'll need it..

-SOURCE: Kotaku

GAME has revealed an exclusive Modern Warfare 3 Intel Pack, which will be available to customers who pre-order the upcoming Call of Duty game. The pack includes a British special forces avatar for both the 360 and PS3 versions, as well as a Brady strategy guide.

GamesCom 2011 Robert Bowling Interview

-Spec-Ops SURVIVAL and MISSIONS has seperate leader boards.
-Confirmed you have to UNLOCK MISSIONS as you play.
-Spec-Ops MISSIONS has missions that they couldnt include in Singleplayer.
-NO CURRENCY in multiplayer.
-Spec-Ops CHALLENGES let you unlock more currency.
-ELITE was built from the ground up for Modern Warfare 3.

Infinity Ward's Robert bowling Visits Battlefield 3 booth

Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling, Community Manager for Infinity Ward was invited to play Battlefield 3 backstage versus BF3 Community Manager Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros in a 4on4 Team Deathmatch. The Picture is from the EA Community Lounge backstage for press.

Call of Duty Makers Say Competitor’s Anti-Call of Duty  Talk  Harms the Gaming Industry

EA CEO John Riccitiello, head of the company making this fall's premiere Call of Duty competitor, Battlefield 3, recently said he hopes that he hopes Call of Duty would "rot from the core." In Germany, this week, Riccitiello's counterpart at Actvision, CEO Eric Hirshberg, fired back, defending not just his company's Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise but saying that smack talk like that  is bad for everyone making games.

"This isn't politics," Hirshberg said, as he wrapped up an awards ceremony  keynote at the Gamescom event in Cologne. "In order for one to win, the other doesn't have to lose. This is an entertainment industry, it's an innovation industry, and at best, it's an art form... We shouldn't be tearing each other apart, fighting for a larger slice of the pie. We should all be focused on trying to grow a bigger pie. If we as an industry act like there are a finite number of games in the world, then there will be."  STARTS at 6:50 minute mark.

-SOURCE: Kotaku

Gamespot interviews Sledgehammer Game's Glen Schofield 

Not much new, here's what was discussed:

-Recognizes original MW2 Spec-Ops felt tacked on.
-Spec-Ops considered a "training mode" for Multiplayer.
-Spec-Ops: MISSIONs can be played single player.

I thought long and hard about posting this because I didnt want to help spread rumors & speculation, however, I quickly realized thats exactly what a blog is for! Please take this post with a heavy grain of salt, these are in no way confirmed and should ONLY be considered speculation until the XP Multiplayer reveal September 2nd. And again the only reason we're posting this is to keep you informed on what happened in twitter land today..

According to (FC2300), one of his very trusted sources that is currently "working on the project" (MW3) leaked the entire Killstreak, Perk and weapon list to him recently. The video then quickly spread by wild fire due @WoodysGamertag retweeting via twitter and due to the 59,246 followers he has.

We've seen this several times before, only in this case, Activision and Sledgehammer Games were forced to comment on the rumors stating to "wait for the Multiplayer reveal" and went as far as having YouTube pull the videos due to copyright infridgement. Robert Bowling even tweeted shortly after that Last Chance & Second chance were not in the game (possibly renamed?).

Im thinking its fake only because theres a lot MW2 perks in there and also some from BlackOps, however Black Ops did keep some of the same names from MW2.. Even if its fake, I still like some of the Pointstreaks mentioned, including being able to call in a Opsrey..

POINTstreaks (Rumored)

There are 3 different types of pointstreaks:*
Assault, Support and Specialist 

4 Points: Care Package (Same as before)
4 Points: IMS Mines- 3-4 Mines that cannot be flashed or stunned, only shot.
5 Points: Predator Missile
5 Points: Sentry Gun (Same as before)
6 Points: Precision Air Strike (Same as before)
7 Points: Attack Heli
7 Points: Little Bird Flock - Mini Helicopter that patrols the map
9 Points: Little Bird Guard - Big Helo that follows you and oversee and protects you.
9 Points: Mortar team with 5 Predator missles.
10 Points: Talon - Mini Tank robot like the one in HomeFront
12 Points: AC-130 (Same as before)
12 Points: Pavelow (Same as below)
14 Points: Juggernaut Armor Suit - Get the Juggernaut suit from Spec-Ops
18 Points: Osprey Gunner

4 Points: UAV (Same as before)
5 Points: Counter-UAV
5 Points: Ballistic Duffel- Juggernaut PERK for whole team (Not the Suit)
5 Points: Airdrop Trap- Booby-trapped care package for enemy.
8 Points: SAM Turret
10 Points: Remote UAV- Target Enemies with Missiles (Reminiscent of Battlefield: BC2 UAV)
12 Points: Advanced UAV- (Like the SR-71 Blackbird)
12 Points: Remote Turret - Switch between views
14 Points: Stealth Bomber (More powerful than before)
18 Points: EMP (Same as before)
18 Points: Escort Osprey - Drop 5 Care packages (4 good, 1 hacked)

2 Points(Kills): Extra Perk 1 (4 total)
4 Points(Kills): Extra Perk 2 (5 total)
6 Points(Kills): Extra Perk 3 (6 total)

Death Streaks
4 Deaths: Lightweight
4 Deaths: Martydom
4 Deaths: Final Stand 
5 Deaths: Revenge- See the enemy who killed you last on your radar.
5 Deaths: Stopping Power for one Kill
6 Deaths: Dead Man's Hands- Run around with C4 in your hands for a life.

-SOURCE: YouTube Video

Perks (rumored)

Perk Slot 1:
Extreme Conditioning - Sprint longer distance (Climb obstacles faster)
Sleight of Hand - Reload faster (Faster weapon swapping)
Scavenger - Reload ammunition from bags (More ammunition to start)
Blind Eye - Undetectable by support (Launchers lock on faster, extra damage to support)
Recon - Explosive damage paints target on minimap (Bullet damage paints targets)

Perk Slot 2:
Hardline - Require 1 less kill / point for streak (2 assists count as 1 kill / point toward streak)
Assassin - Immune to UAV, portable radar, thermal and heartbeat sensors (Immune to Counter-UAV and EMP)
Overkill - Equip 2 primary weapons (Second primary weapon can be equipped with 2 attachments)
Quickdraw - Faster aim down sight - (Faster recovery from equipment and grenade usage)
Blast Shield - Take less damage from explosives - (Immune to stun and flash grenades)

Perk Slot 3:
SitRep - Allows you to see enemy explosives and equipment (Hear footsteps better)
Dead Silence - Allows you to walk, sprint and jump almost silently (No fall damage)
Stalker - Faster movement while aiming down sight (Delay claymore detonation)
Marksman - ID target from ranger (Increased breath holding time)
Steady Aim - Increased hip fire accuracy (Faster aim down sight while sprinting)

Machinima had a chance to interview Sledgehammer Games co-founder, Michael Condrey while at GamesCom 2011 in Germany and here is what was discussed:

New Call of Duty: ELITE Details:
-access to ELITE clan list while playing Modern Warfare 3.
-Clans will have "Rank".
-Clans can have up to 100 members.
-Clans can compete
-If the Clan level reaches max, it will unlock Double XP week for entire clan!!
-Clan service will be FREE.
-Update your loadout through the web or mobile device.
-Copy and Share custom Loadouts with friends.

-SOURCE: Machinima